Saturday, August 2, 2008


First of, hello. Glad you stopped by long enough to read some of my ramblings. Why am I here and what do I want?

Thankfully, people I meet on the internet often ask me to them about myself. I sort of panic when that happens. How to sum up your life and existence in a couple of sentences without putting them to sleep or sounding too cocky? Then I got this idea, a central location on the internet where interested people could read my “story” and look at a few pictures. Yeah, yeah… I know it’s sort of a shine to me, but trust me, I know I ain’t all that. As far as what I want from this ultimately, I want to be loved.

I’m HIV positive. I tested positive in 2004 and have been extremely healthy since that day. I went undetectable three months after starting a daily cocktail of Truvada and Sustiva. I know that in this day & age of enlightenment, HIV status shouldn’t be an issue, but to many people it still is.

I was born and raised in Western, North Carolina in a little town 30 miles west of Charlotte, NC. I had one brother, Erik (4 years older). We were poor but happy enough living in our little mobile home sat out in the middle of a cow pasture. One of my first memories is of screaming bloody murder because I’d stepped in a pile of fresh cow shit and not calming down until mom washed my feet off with the garden hose. Dad was fresh out of the Navy and going to the Baptist seminary in Hendersonville, NC to become a Southern Baptist minister. Mom worked as a beautician and often took me and Erik to work with her if she couldn’t get a babysitter. I was brought up very religious and with a major fear of God drummed into my head. I just knew I was only always a lightening bolt away from being punished if I did anything bad. So, I was a good boy, mostly. No, we didn’t handle rattlesnakes in church or speak in tongues. That’s the Church Of God, Pentecostal and Holiness churches, not the Baptist. I left the church in my teens and only went back on special occasions to please my mother. I left home in my late teens and lived out of state until 2005 when my brother and father died within two months of each other. I left Washington, DC without a backward glance and headed back to North Carolina to keep an eye on my mother. Luckily, mom has recovered quite well and has even started seeing a man. You go, Mom!

I received my Associate’s Degree in Business Administration right after high school but never really did anything with it besides working as a leasing consultant for Trammell Crow. Other than that brief stint, I’ve worked in retail management all my life. I’m also attending the Art Institute via the Internet to complete a graphic arts degree. I’ve worked for Barnes & Noble since 2004. So many of my friends roll their eyes at me and say stuff like, “God … Ken, how do you stand it? I’d kill the first rude customer that got up in my face.” Or “How can you stand being on your feet all day?” I guess you could say that I enjoy and appreciate the challenges that retail offers. Every day is different and at the very least I don’t have to sit on my ass in a cubicle staring at a monitor all day. Now, that would drive me crazy.

At least twice a week someone says, “Oh my God, I can’t believe such a sweet guy like you is still single!” I laugh, how in the world do you answer that? I have a feeling my prince is out there. They say there's someone for everybody, right? I’ve had two long-term relationships in my life. I’m very good friends with my first ex now. In fact, he & his lover live just down the road from me and I often eat dinner with them. My second lover, well… that’s a different story. We’ve not exchanged a word, since the day he walked out the door. It’s as if the earth opened up and swallowed him whole. I know he’s in LA/Long Beach/Huntington Beach area somewhere.

I’m a bottom and no, I don’t ever top. I “can” top, but to be honest, it does absolutely nothing for me. I have a very high sex drive and like guys that can keep up with me. Sexually, I like slow, sexy, romantic sexual experiences and the uninhibited abandonment of going at it like two starved dogs in heat.

As far as my personality, well… I’m weird, laid back, intense, witty, high energy, wise, stupid, goofy, enthusiastic, and generally either a great or a terrible influence on whomever I'm around. Luckily most folks seem to think I'm fairly cool. People tell me I have a sunny disposition and always look on the bright side of things. I have the ability to get along well with a wide variety of different people.

About me:
I love to dance (please leave a 5' radius around me, you might get hurt).

I'm the best friend you'll ever have (very open-minded and do not judge).I'm honest (to the point of brutality and expect the same).

I'm a caregiver; I'm the friend with the chicken soup when you're sick and most often the one you'll come to when your heart is broken.Always up to helping a friend and curious about what makes people tick.

I’m funny as hell (ask me about my last trip to a Wal Mart at 1 am).I'm happiest when I'm in the outdoors, talking with a friend over a good coffee or snuggling in bed.I've been known to:Watch cheesy horror films and order in pizza w/anchovies.Read the latest David Sedaris in the nude.Bake peanut butter cookies at 2 am.Reenact porn films with beanie babies to amuse my friends.

Things I Love:

Art- my world obliviously since I’m working on a Graphic Art degree.

Friends- what would the world be like with no one to talk to?

The night sky- I could sit out all night, mesmerized, looking at the stars.

Classic cars- I want a ’57 Chevy in the worse way.

A good book-I read non-stop. If I’m not reading, I’m listening to an audio book.

Camping- love sitting around the campfire nude and talking for hours.

Thrift shops- love searching for treasures. I usually look for old books or old jazz LPs from the fifties.

Animals- love cats and dogs. If I had to pick one over the other, I’d be hard pressed.

Men with hairy legs- what can I say? I’m a leg man.

Amusement Parks- my favorite way to spend a day with someone that I really enjoy being with.

Mowing the lawn- sounds odd, but it relaxes me.

Lox bagels- my favorite thing for breakfast. I think I was Jewish in another life.

Snow- I know, it’s cold and a pain in the ass to deal with but hell, it sure is pretty.

Travel- I love going new places and meeting new people.

Old movies- love watching old movies on TCM. My favorite old stars? Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Betty Hutton and Doris Day.

Cooking- really love to cook for my friends.

Hiking- I grab my camera and off I go. Some of the most peaceful moments I’ve ever spent.

Music- my taste range from modern dance/rock/pop music to vintage jazz and big band.

Stats: Single, 5'09", 145 lbs, dark blond Mohawk or military buzz cut (depends on the mood), blue eyes, hairy chest/legs, slim dancer's build...big smile. Very nice ass (been told) and 7” cut dick. I’m known for being a great kisser. I hate personal ads that include a long laundry-list of requirements the reader must meet or the dreaded UB2. I don’t have certain “type”; I just know what I like when I see it. Just be in good shape and drug-free. Be prepared to fight with me over the prize in the bottom of the box of peanut butter Captain Crunch. I stay pretty busy with my full time job/school combination but never too busy to get to know you. I travel to Atlanta often.

There it is,me in a nutshell.


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