Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holding Out For A Hero

Where are the heroes ? Yes, I know I read too many romance novels but I wonder if there's gay guys out there that still make grand gestures. It seems that we're all waiting around for that tall, dark and handsome man to sweep off our feet but no one is willing to be that man. I know, we've all been hurt and had our hearts trampled on before, but everybody out there isn't an asshole, so get over it. I read once a really good piece of advice in another guy's profile: Be the kind of man you'd want to date. Forget all this modern self-help bull shit that you read everywhere, telling you that you have to be aloof and act if you could take the guy or leave him. Don't sit back and wait for the other guy to call you, call him. If you're both sitting back waiting for the other person to call, that call will never get made. If you really like someone, go after them. Let him have no doubt that you want and desire them. That way, you at least have the consolation that you tried and if it doesn't work out it's not because of anything you didn't do.

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GB said...

Interesting thoughts KenPaul66 :-). Actually, I reckon there's a balance to strike between being too aloof and too keen. In case you're interested, one of my readers asked me for some dating advice recently, and I managed to get the thoughts of a few other bloggers too!

Take care, GB xxx