Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gay Shelf Life

How long can you keep an ad on a personals site like Gay.Com or PlanetOut.Com without becoming a laughing stock? At what point do people roll their eyes and think, God, I can’t believe that queen is still on here trying to peddle her tired ass! Is it six months, a year? No one has ever named an official shelf life for personal ads, you know. When do you delete your ad, realizing that this didn’t work for you and it’s time to try something else like that new Whole Foods on the gay side of town? You could stand in the produce department stroking the organic zucchinis and smiling fondly, surely that would get you a date? At what point do you start going out to a different bar? Surely by now your bar buddies are starting to wonder why you’re seemingly chronically single. I mean they know you’re relationship-oriented ('cause you most certainly have told them often enough) but they’re beginning to wonder just what the hell is wrong with you by this point. So, when do you pick up and start going to that new gay bar (The Filling Station) that just opened up in an old Exxon where no one knows your name ?

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Muffy said...

I so agree! I was looking on a dating site that my sister had joined because she wanted me to see a picture of a guy she went out with. I did a search for guys my age and was shocked to see a lot of the same faces I'd seen four years prior when I thought about joining. YUCK!! Maybe they stopped and rejoined, but I recognized and remembered these pictures. I imagine they look a bit different after 4 years too, so it's also a bit of false advertising. Also, who knows how long they were on there before I saw them the first time! I feel for any girl who goes out with a guy like that. I'd be embarassed to have my picture out there for so long. Even if I legitimately hadn't found someone I was into at that point I'd get off the site because a)It's not working and b) I'd feel like a loser, even if I wasn't!