Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Witch Hazel, My Ass !

This morning I was putting some witch hazel on my neck after I shaved (very prone to razor burn, here) and the most god-awful smell of ass hit me. I'm like, what the f**k? I started sniffing around the bathroom thinking the toilet has backed up or something. Finally, I figured it out, it was the witch hazel. That shit smells like ass, let me tell you. Don't believe me? Pick up a bottle next time you're in CVS and pop the top. Witch Hazel smells like when you were a very little kid running and playing around the house and one day you decide to sniff the couch cushions where everyone sits just because you can. Remember that slightly farty, stinky-ass smell that came up from the cushions? That's what witch hazel smells like! I thought about switching back to Sea Breeze but hell, the ass smell has grown on me.


Chris said...

For some reason, I want to lick your neck.

Muffy said...

Try Tend Skin. It's supposed to be good for razor burn and ingrown hairs for men. I think they sell it in the drugstore, but look online. You don't want to smell like ass...:-)