Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gay And Growing Old

So, here I am at 43, sporting a mohawk and still wearing graphic tees, cargo shorts and the Vans. Some people probably do shake their head and say, look at that old queen trying to be young. I would say to them that I'd not trying to fool anyone and pass myself off as a kid, I'm just trying to look the best I can at my age and at my comfort level. I tried "looking" my age once and my friends begged me to go back to how I was before. I grew my hair out, stopped having it colored (so, it was gray), wore glasses instead of contacts and started dressing like the rest of the NYC working class the Winter I lived there (Black, Black and more Black). I hated it and was terribly depressed every time I looked into a mirror. I wasn't "me" anymore, just another middle-aged gay man pounding the pavement, lost and never getting a second look from anyone. So, needless to say, that look didn't last long.

There does come a time when a guy has to stop wearing pukka-shells (hear that McConaughey) and shopping for his clothes (and flip-flops) at Abercrombie, American Eagle or Hollister. There's nothing wrong with growing older as a gay man, but that doesn't mean you have to be an old fart with hair growing out of your ears and a pair of lime green CROCS (shudder). I mean, CROCS look stupid on everybody, but they really look bad on guys. I've often thought CROCS look like something a gay, dutch boy would wear out to the garden to water his tulips in. And for God's sake if you're going bald, do not pull your two remaining hairs together and try to do that mini ponytail thing. It just looks stupid and no one is fooled. Remember this, no matter how old or ugly you are or feel, as long as you have great hair & shoes, people will respect you. Never skimp on those items.
I guess you can tell that I hate CROCS with a passion.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, if you look genuine in whatever your garb may be, you look good. The rest does not matter.

And yeah, there is Ruehl, anyway...


iDELLA*BELLE! said...

if you feel good, then baby thats all that matters. As long as you behave like a 43 year old and not a 19 year elevate the sexy of those fashions every time you feel like a sexy 43 year old.