Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shaved Cooter And Such

This morning I found an entry on one of my favorite blogs: asking the age-old question of gay men throughout history: to manscape or not ?

Here's what I typed in reply:

I'm very turned off by the completely shaven man. It somehow seems so affected and leaves the guy looking like a Mexican hairless cat or a underage Serbian prostitute(maybe that's why some of them do it). Plus it seems that they're almost trying to erase all the signs of being an actual adult male (men do have hair there, ya know).

There are exceptions to the rule of course:

Back hair should be gotten rid of if you plan to go shirtless (or wear a tank top) in a place where people can see you.

Do I need to say it ? Nose hair & ear hair is a big NO-NO ! Nothing manly about that !

If your bush is a jungle and you have to hunt through it just to find your penis, you should certainly trim it down, but not give yourself the bald beaver look. Ask yourself this question: Could I wear a white Speedo on the beach and not gross everybody out ?

By the way, is this a gay thing ? Do straight mean even care about body hair (too much/lack of) ? While I'm here, let me ask you another question: Have you ever known a straight man that wore a cock ring ? Hmmm ? I didn't think so.


STEVIE B. said...

Wow. Did you know that there was a pattern on that guys sofa? I didn't see it for quite awhile.

KenPaul66 said...

LOL. I didn't notice either.