Monday, September 7, 2009

It's all Good

Good things about 2009 (so far).

I stopped smoking!

I’ve met some of the coolest people online and in person in 2009.

I discovered the world of podcasting. I was doing some research and looking for podcasts about HIV when I came across TiggerCast and became hooked. Be sure and visit him, he’s really a sweet, very interesting guy that’s had quite a life. From TiggerCast I learned about something called the Big Gay Sex Show. This podcast is ran by two wonderfully entertaining guys named Matt & Weegie. They talk about everything and I do mean everything under the sun when it comes to gay sex. Toward the end of the show, Weegie usually reads a pornographic story in his cute surfer-dude accent (which I find extremely funny and hot at the same time).

Bananarama is back! YEAH! Go girls!

I've been having a slight case of bloggers-block, so forgive if I seem to be reaching a bit in this posting. What do you guys do in this case?

A. Write about something that happened in the past?

There was the summer I worked as an escort because the design firm I worked for suddenly went out of business and I found myself jobless w/ a huge pile of bills.

B. Make up shit?

I once dated a drag queen named Ivanna Hump.

C. Tell a filthy joke?

There were once six gay guys sitting in a hot tub at a little after hours party getting buzzed on Liebfraumilch and toking on a big fat doobie. Pleasantly high, the owner of the house got out of the tub to go get a tray of cheese and crackers for his guests. When he got back he screamed and pointed at the big blob of cum floating on the water's bubbling surface, "Alright girls, which one of you nasty bitches farted in my hot tub?"

D. Or, just don't blog until something interesting happens?


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great stuff! Good for you!