Saturday, October 3, 2009

Drowning In A Sea Of Bottoms

You guys must think I’m on blog crack because this is my third posting for the week. I normally post about once every 2 weeks. I guess it shows that I’m on vacation and kinda bored. When I’m working the last thing I feel like doing when I come home at the end of the night is posting to this blog. I just want to take my shoes off, watch TV and jerk off to internet porn, ya know how that goes…

Today was boring. Let’s see, I got up around 9 and took my mother’s car to the garage to have her brakes worked on and to get it inspected. I hate going to the garage and having to deal with the gross, good old boys that run the place. There's only so much that can be said to a dude that's carrying around a dixie cup to spit his 'bacco juice in.

After that, I came home and downed a pot of coffee while I talked to this cute guy in Morganton via webcam. Well to be honest, we just sort of looked at each other and smiled a lot. He’s deaf, you see. He did pull his pants down and wave his cock around. I laughed and was kind of shocked. He had a whopper! He proudly admitted it was 9 inches. He’s a tiny guy only 5’ 5”, who knew he’d be so hung? Anyway, he’s really sweet and also HIV positive so I accepted his invitation to go out to dinner tomorrow night. I’ve never been out with a deaf guy before. I know no ASL, so this should be interesting. He says we’ll just keep a pad of paper there between us to write on and I’m cool with that. Wish me luck, ya’ll. I’ll try to be a good girl, but honey… it’s been so long since I had “some” that I just might not be able to help myself if he whips out that big dick again.

Just got back from the weekly gay mixer at the Caribou Coffee on East Blvd. I’m mad as hell, ya’ll! Why is it that I only attract bottoms? I could just scream sometimes, ya know. At these functions, single available tops won’t talk to me because they assume I’m a top too. So I’m left fending off all these amorous bottoms that want to be my bitch because they think I have a big one. People tell me it’s because I look so butch and it’s in the way I carry myself. I laugh at that, I’m such a big old queen sometimes. I think I’m going to get a t-shirt printed up that says in big bold letters, I’M A GODDAMN BOTTOM and on the back it going to say, NO, I DON’T HAVE A BIG DICK. Any other bottoms out there have this problem? What do you do?

Be good, ya’ll. Will let you know how date with deaf guy goes.


.::STELLA*DELLA::. said...

Chile you may be constantly having man trouble but one thing i can give you ken is your ass gets out there. That is what is most important baby! You gets your behind out there and I respect you so much for that. Honey do not give up and stop getting on that damn webcam with strange ass men.

Wonder Man said...

I been there before, hopefully folks will get the message