Friday, October 16, 2009

Random, Paranoid Thought Of The Day

Do you guys ever feel like some of the people you deal with at work are only being nice to you because they "have" to for fear of getting into trouble with HR ? But you know they're secretly thinking, "Drop dead, you Goddamn, fuckin' fag" the whole time they're smiling in your face.

I deal with this and it makes me so tired.

Ya'll behave yourself and don't let no two-faced fuckers at work get you down!
p.s. No, that ain't me in the picture (I wouldn't look that good).


Wonder Man said...

stay strong

.::RoCkii*BoXxE::. said...

There are a couple of versions of that picture online honey. Ive seen them...that gal is fierce....and you know what....i wouldnt speak to them at oils!