Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Xmas, Whew...

I hope everybody had a great holiday season. Frankly, I’m thrilled that Christmas is over. I’m not a grinch (really), but being in retail… well, it kinda ruins Christmas for you because Christmas = more work + more bitchy customers. My Christmas day went off without a hitch though. I cooked for the usual crowd of 20, but everyone decided to go to their in-laws for Xmas this year at the last minute, so I ended up with only 6 people and a refrigerator that explodes food every time I open the door (somebody help me eat all this fried chicken & deviled eggs, please). Just got back from brunch with mom at one of the local eateries and a little after-Christmas shopping and oh yeah, a quick trip to the pharmacy to get some of my meds. I’m such a freakin’ chocoholic, don’t you know I came away from the stores with all kinds of 50% Christmas candy!

This is off-topic, but I want to talk about something else right quick before I go. I guess you’d call it the: "When I’m single & available, I can’t get a decent man to pay any attention to me but now that I’m “seeing” someone, all the hot, single men are suddenly interested in me and asking me out of dates" syndrome.

All I got to say is about that is: WTF, ya'll !!! I just don’t understand this. Do you reckon’ that you become more desirable to other guys when you’re “taken” and present a challenge to them ? Men are crazy, fucked-up characters sometimes, I ought to know, I am one (stop laughing, bitch).

Before I go, the dickhead of the day is:

Where's my damn Adam!!!

27, 5'6", 130lb, 29w, Slim, Brown Hair, Smooth, White, Looking for Friendship, Relationship. Cute guy here looking to date or friends. Everyone I find myself into are straight men :( I hope my beautiful body as well as my beautiful mind does not intimidate you!I want someone to hold, someone to walk on the beach with hand-in-hand. Someone to share a drink and popcorn with at the theater and someone I can call just to say "I love you." i want someone to throw me on the bed and just rape me, slapping my ass....then kiss me on the lips and tell me they love me. Is this too much to ask for? Santa please deliver no later than..Movies, beach, shopping, reading, surfing the net, talking on the phone, txtin, swimming, jogging..

Ya'll, he hopes you're not intimidated by his beautiful body & mind ! Please don't let that stop you from emailing him, ok. But...but...always remember to tell him you love him and kiss him on the lips after you slap his ass and rape him or no popcorn for you at the theater ! Is your name Adam ? hmmm? I didn't think so !

Ya'll be good and eat an extra big piece of fruitcake for me, okay (I know you hate it, but it'll help you poo). See ya.

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