Monday, December 7, 2009

I Hate Skinny Queens !

Bitch #1
Can somebody please make these bitches eat a hamburger & fries, please ? I mean, for fuck's sake, how do you stay alive with not one ounce of fat on your bones ? Outlaw 29" waists now ! Yes, this is a real person online and lookin' for love/dick/ass. He demands that you not be over 35 and by God, you better look under 30 and oh yeah, BE HOT because he's VGL, ya'll !

Bitch #2
This dude decribes himself as a very laid back, honest, masculine and ex-army. His stats are: 27, 5'11"/150 and power top. Lord, I'd be scared I'd get too carried away while we were making love and accidently break his skinny ass into, ya know. We have the same exact stats except for the age, I might have a year or two on him... Hmmm, if we have the same exact stats, how come I don't look like a half-starved meth-head too? Life can be so unkind !

Bitch #3

This is yours truly. 34 years old (stop laughing, bitch) , 5'11" and 150lbs. As you can see, I have some jiggle to my frame and this is with me jogging 5 miles a day. I guess it's true what they say about your metabolism slowing down after a certain age...

Happy Monday, ya'll ! I'm not really a bitch, really...

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Mister GAG said...

You look fine to me.