Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today's Funny Hook-Up Ad

I found the following ad on Manhunt today:

"blah blah blah, ok anything you want to know just ask, Im not a shy type of person , well unless its face to face then im kinda shy . single 4 yrs now after a 13 year ltr, considering another one IF and only IF there is another normal guy out there , meaning you would rather go to the drag strip and race your car than to go to the bar and watch a drag show, ( no offense to drag have friends that are DQ just not my dating type) hum now more serious note ,neg as of 11/14/09 , so just be honest , we can work around it"

Well, dude…

Guess who's not getting invited to go with me to Imma Ho's Christmas Gala at the Stonewall ? Yep, that's, bitch ! Go to your goddamn drag-strip with your redneck "normal" buddies ! I mean we were together for 13 fuckin' years, i guess that counts for nothing ! Shy, my ass ! You were trying to get me in the back seat of your Ford Focus (no easy task I might add, thank the lord I'm double-jointed) five minutes after we met ! Btw... I'm poz now. Want to get back together ? What ??? You said you'd "work around it". Well excuse the fuck outta of me for asking... Damn. You're a bitch, know that ?

Okay, I'll be nice now and stop making fun of this poor dude... Hey guys, I do wanna give a shout-out to Tomi, my good buddy in Finland that was just in a car accident the other day. Get yourself better baby and watch out for those deers, they're tricky bastards. My dad totaled his car in the late eighties when a herd of deer ran out in front of him one Sunday morning on the way to church. You should have seen all the blood and deer guts, not pretty indeed !

Ya'll be good. I mean it, Santa's watching your ass, ya know.

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gay cruising said...

I wonder what he means by "normal"! Seems like he's the one with some issues!