Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Before Valentines

Saturday, after months of correspondence and hours spent on the phone, T drove the three hours to meet me and stay overnight at one of the local motels. I was excited about finally getting to see T and not at all scared about this first “live” meeting. Even though we’d never met in the flesh, he seemed like an old friend, comfortable.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. The door flew open and there he was, shorter than I’d thought. I’m 5’11”, he must have been 5’8” and ya’ll, I hate to say this, but he wasn’t as attractive as the photos he’d emailed me. I wasn’t going to hold that against him, I’m no beauty myself. He was sloppily-dressed in wrinkled clothes that looked 15 years out-of-date. I’m a well-dressed & I like that trait in the men I date. I know, I’m sounding like a shallow bitch just about right now, ain’t I? We embraced and kissed (he’s not a good kisser, btw…) and before I knew it, my clothes were off and he Tore-It-Up! the sex was good, real good.

We went out to a Chinese buffet for dinner and then back to the room for a nap before heading out to the club to meet up with a friend of his. Ya’ll, during this nap; T was twitching and flopping all over the bed. I think he must have restless leg syndrome . Finally, I could stand it no more and woke him up.

We got dressed and headed out to a t-shirt and Levi’s type bar called, The Woodshed. North Carolina just passed the no-smoking-in-bars law, so we spent 90% of the evening on the patio so T could smoke. Luckily they had several of those outdoor kerosene heaters going so we didn’t freeze too bad. After viewing a “booger-drag” show at midnight, we bumped into Dan (my ex) who seemed oddly glad to see me but that might have been because he was somewhat drunk.

On the ride back to the motel, T told me that he likes to “party” and so do many of his friends. If you guys know me at all, you know that I ain’t about no drugs and hanging around people that do them either. I mean, I don’t care if a guy smokes a little pot now-n-then, but anything harder than that, I CARE. I didn’t say anything, just kept my mouth shut.

After a night of more jerking & flopping (not the sexual kind), it was morning and time to part ways. We went down to the lobby for our free continental breakfasts and had a nice, long chat about our families. All and all, the date had gone “okay”. T was a great guy, he’d treated me with the upmost respect & kindness (and he was good in bed) but I can’t really see myself with him, there were just too many things that bugged me about him… Things, I have no right to ask him to change. He told me he loved me right before he drove off, I’m pretty sure he meant LOVE, not (friendship) love.

Now, he’s texting me things like:

“Well, I guess you were disappointed with me.”
You didn’t tell me you loved back when I said it to you.”

Sometimes, ya’ll… sometimes…


DovieLee said...

But things moved entirely too fast and the sex really took him for an emotional loop so no more sex so soon before u find out if hes mentally stable or not!

Nik_TheGreek said...

Saying he loved you like that from the beginning is really creepy. At least you had a fairly good weekend, right?

KenPaul66 said...

Yep, I know I did the "do" too quickly with him. It's almost if my clothes magically dissappeared once I got to his motel room...LOL (I'm such a ho)! You're right, him saying he loved me on the first date let me know that he had some metal issues going on. But, all & all, I did have a good time. It was nice to feel desired & wanted.

Geoff said...

It IS nice to feel desired and wanted, and you deserve that!