Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bottom’s Dilemma

It’s rough when you're a bottom and you wake up one morning so horny you can barely see straight.

 So, you head to the city to cruise for a man. 

You go to the a club that night called Hole and meet yourself a big, strapping top dude named Dexter. You just know he's gonna tear your ass up. Did you get a glance at that package? 

When you get him home, he's undressed and thrown his legs to Jesus before you even get the chain fastened on the door. He asks if you want to bang his aching boy-pussy. You say, "Not really," and wonder who you pissed off in a former life to deserve such bad luck.



John said...

Lol did you guys even discuss which position before you got back to your place?

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

John, this post is a combination of antidotes from several friends of mine. But, I'm sure most bottoms have had this sort of thing happen before, when you just know in every fiber of your being that the guy is a top and he turns out to be a "big-ol'-bottom" instead.

But no, I don't think I've ever met a guy at a bar and asked him if he was a top or a bottom. Wouldn't that seem kind of rude ?

Geoff said...

You popped in my thoughts today, so I wanted to send you a big hug and a hello.

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Thanks, Geoff. It's good to know someone thought of me.