Saturday, January 22, 2011

Messy Mess

My whirlwind, two-week, internet romance is over. We met on one of those nationwide sex hook-up sites (I know... I know... But there's not alot of options for me). I live in Western, North Carolina and he lives in a suburb of Orlando, Florida.

My gentleman pursued me aggressively (via phone and internet) at first, insisting that I change my Facebook status to: In A Relationship within days. I thought that was rather odd but I flattered by his insistence that I publicly become “his”. He begins to talk about my relocation to Florida in the near future.

If one can fall in love with someone you’ve never met in person, I’d say that I fell hard for him. He was just the type of guy I liked, masculine, down-to-earth and sweet (and we would have been extremely sexually-compatible if we’d ever met). My cousin emailed me, happily exclaiming over the fact that I'd bagged myself a "nice Catholic boy" once she'd read over his Facebook profile. We were making plans to meet up in Florence, South Carolina to spend several days together during the first week of February. I’d even purchased a Valentine card and gift for him. Guess who’ll be eating a big box of Godiva now ?

The phone calls started petering out and the text messages went from: 

Love you 


Thinking about you


Can’t talk


In a meeting

When we do talk on the phone, he seems very distracted and plays video games during our conversation, answering me in a flat monotone. I can also hear his Adam4Adam instant messaging going off frequently in the background.

If I send him an instant message online through Facebook or one of the other sites we belong to, it goes unanswered though it’s obvious that he’s online at the same time I am. When I question him about it, he tells me that he went to bed and forgot to sign-off. I buy that excuse once but it happens over and over.

He didn’t call me for two days, though I saw him online constantly. I sent him a message on Facebook saying that it was over, changed my status back to: 



unfriend him. 

Somehow I don’t think there were any tears on his pillow last night.

I wonder when my turn will come. You know, to get it right. To get that perfect balance of a man that’s just as crazy about me as I am of him. This one-sided shit is for the birds. I’m feeling sorry for myself, true.

See, I told you it was all sorted…



Ok wait...I know they say LOVE NO LIMIT...but you must be reasonable. yes you must take chances but seriously we must take our time to get to know folks.

If you say this was two weeks and yall were already in love, sounds like a junior high school novel Ken. You have got to pace yourself. I know that is hard when you have been love starved and you have so much to give and want so when you finally get an inch, you take a mile. You are human and we understand that, but at the same time you must understand that You have got to take your time. Sure there is no guarantee, but thats life. What you are most likely going to succeed on is the probability and that is much higher on the success tip than a fly by night romance.

Mimi said...

Awww. Some people get really high off of the validation of being wanted and loved. This guys sounds like he was trying to get just that, at the expense of your poor heart. Don't worry boo, Your turn will come. Keep your head up.