Friday, May 13, 2011


Last night while I was putzing around on the computer, I watched the premiere of the Chastity Bono documentary, Becoming Chaz on Oprah’s Own Network.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s…well… a very interesting 90-minute film about Chastity’s transition into a man (Chaz). You follow her (I mean, him) through hormone injections and having a double mastectomy to completely remove her breasts. You meet Chaz’s cute girlfriend, Jen and you'll come to the same conclusion as I did that they are very well matched as a couple. Jen, obviously is the "woman" in that relationship.

And yes, Cher is in the documentary too (you know you were dying to ask, queen). You would think that being a gay icon herself, Cher wouldn’t have had such a hard time with Chastity/Chaz’s lifestyle but she hasn’t really fully embraced it. I think it might be a case of that-sort-of-thing-is-fine-for-other-people-but-I-don’t-care-for-it-in-my-own-family syndrome. Cher didn’t even show up at the hospital for Chastity’s mastectomy and I felt really bad for Chaz. I could tell it bothered her though she/he put on a brave face.

This got me to thinking about gay TV viewing habits…

I mean, would you even call your TV viewing habits “gay” ?

I do watch some stereotypical gay shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race (love it!) and I gotta say, I love me some * Golden Girls but if I had to qualify my viewing habits, I’d say I have the viewing habits of a college kid. I mainly watch stuff like South Park, Family Guy, Reno 911, True Blood and Court TV. I generally prefer light, fluffy TV programs, nothing too serious (I get enough of that in my own life).

And now that Logo isn’t constantly showing Buffy 24/7, I’ve started to get into some of their programming again. Do they really think gay guys are into Buffy that much? I think they have us confused with fat, pimply 15-year-old-girls, ya know. 

 And you know what really fuckin’ rocks? They show Strangers With Candy and Ad Fab! Those two shows right there make it a worthy channel to me. The only thing they need to do is show Xena for our sister girls.

What do you guys think about the Here network (On Demand) ? When it first came out I subscribed to it for I think, an additional $6.95 a month and it was well worth it. They have very high quality gay programming (in my opinion) and they showed Dante's Cove.

 I'll be the first one to admit that I didn't watch Dante's Cove because it was that great of a show. It was definitely the hot, half-naked men that kept my attention, not the cheese-ball plots and bad acting. In the end I cancelled my subscription to Here because I found that I wasn't actually watching it that often and I'd already seen most of the gay films. Lately though, I've been thinking of renewing my subscription...

Oh yeah, I love to watch The Food Network too. Hmmm, that’s kinda gay, ain’t it? Nothing gives me wood faster than a hot guy in the kitchen cooking up some crazy-ass dish that I’ve never heard of.

(ain't he adorable?)

  Now that I’m reading back over this, I guess my viewing habits are kinda fruity. Whatever. Who really cares? Never apologize for your taste.

Ya’ll be good and don’t forget to unplug your TV if it starts storming really bad. Don't roll your eyes.

* I can’t sign out without telling you who I am. It’s a proven fact that any time you bring up the Golden Girls in front of gay men, they always have to tell you which one they are. Well, folks I’m proud to say that I’m most definitely, Rose. I’m dingy as hell and I love to tell long convoluted stories (see blog).

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