Monday, May 30, 2011

__ Years Ago, I Was Hatched.

 Little Ken, age 8

 My old ass, now (well, 5 days ago)

Today was my 37th birthday and yes (thank you), I had a good one. My mom bought me a those little window-unit air conditioners which I so sorely needed because my place is hotter than the devil in summertime. Ever try to put your COVERGIRL on in 98% humidity ? The shit melts right off your face and gurlfriend, all the product melts right outta your hair and runs down into your eyes. Ever had AquaNet in your eyes ?   Fuckin' stings !

I kid, I kid...I don't wear make-up (much). I do use product in my hair, lots-n-lots of product. How do you think I get my jacked-up hair looking so "pretty" ?

And thanks to everybody that texted/called/facebooked/emailed birthdays greetings. I love you guys and thank for putting up with my crazy-ass another year.

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Nik_TheGreek said...

Happy birthday! :-)