Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bad Chat

Since when did tackiness become in the new in thing in the gay community? I may be showing my age, but it seems that once upon a time we (as a whole) wanted to come across as classy and well breed, not white trash.

Folks, I was raised as white trash as you can get. We were dirt poor, drove around in a car with rusted-out floorboards and lived in a old trailer in the middle of a cow pasture. I rose (not very far, some would say) above my upbringing and there’s no reason the gay community couldn’t either.

I am no prude by a long shot and I’ve definitely been around the block a time or two, but why do I want to take a hot shower every time I chat on Gay.Com or check my messages on other well-know online dating services ? Within minutes, I’ve had a man express an interest in pissing up my ass, one wanted me to mail him my dirty jock straps and I received an email from a local man wanting to “suck me off”. What ever happened to asking a guy out for dinner or to the movies ?


Is this just a gay male thing, perhaps ?

To my single lesbian readers, would it be normal for another woman to IM you and ask if you want to be “eaten out” or ask your bust size within, say a minute ?

It’s seems like everyone is looking for Prince Charming but no one wants to be Prince Charming. What do we do ?

People tell me that I should go to a gay church is I want to meet a higher class of gay men but to be honest, I tried gay church in the mid-nineties with my ex and we didn’t care for it. Maybe it’s time I give it another go.

I had a reader once point out that I seem to always be down on the gay community. My reply to him was this, just like a mother is harder on her own children because she expects more from them, I’m harder on the gay community because I care and I expect more out of you guys. We're supposed to be the sensitive, creative ones, right ? Let's act like it and stop thinking through out dicks and boi pussies constantly.

Ya’ll be good and forgive my rant.


the eye said...

oh GIRL i could write a book on this subject...fucking gay men are dogs girl! And the gay church thing...honey it's just "the club" for the quieter queens or old tired ones like

CØ⋀L ØP⋀L said...

I just feel like you are covering a very common truth that is an ugly side of the gay community and its very big! People are fucking lazy and this younger generation certainly accepts it so it is what will continue to be in and get worse and worse.

jamiessmiles said...

LOL, I met a guy at pride and he facebooked me. 2 minutes later left a rather.... inappropriate message on my fucking wall where anyone could see it. Yeah, unfriended instantly.

Mimi said...

I suppose I constitute the single lesbian response. This never happens. If I post an ad on craigslist or see an ad on craigslist that says something like that, there is a 99 % chance that it's a man posing as a woman and getting a rush out of interacting with said woman. Oh well.

Are there any sites that do not have sex as a major motivation? Like, eharmony but for gays? Have you tried okcupid, are the people any different there?

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Lord, I think I'm going to order me a little "friend" from and forget all about dating. J/K...I'm a romantic, I could never do that.

Mimi, I just knew it ! I figured some of this stuff was a gay male thing.

Cecil b said...

You know, cliched as it sounds, you have to be patient and just filter out those who don't meet your criteria of a proper date. I did and am now approaching 3 years with the perfect man for me!!! Yes, I had a to kiss a few frogs - but to get to my Prince, it was worth it!!!
Good luck with your search.
There ARE decent guys out there, you just have to look under the right lily pad!