Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bear Attack !

I was sexually assaulted last week and I liked it.  Before I start getting hate mail about how sexual assault or rape is no laughing matter, let me say that I’m quite aware of that. I was raped once and it took me years to be able to go in a room with a guy without plotting my escape route or staying very close to a door. That’s a story for another time.

Last week I dropped by the local leather/bear bar in Charlotte called The Woodshed. I make myself go out from time to time to just soak up some gay culture because I tend to hibernate (just like a bear) at home for long periods of time. I worry that I'll become too redneck if I don't get out and mingle with my own kind once in why.

So, there I was sipping on a very overpriced glass of coke and chatting to some old pals of mine when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this large-ish bear leaning up against the wall staring fixedly at my ass and not caring that I’d caught him doing it. I moved on and went about my business throughout the evening but noticed that wherever I went, he was behind me staring unabashedly at my rump. It kind of amazed me because I haven't had such a lustful glances turned my way in quite some time.

Right before I was to leave, I decided I better head to the bathroom and pee before I made the 45 minute drive back home. I did my business and was just about to leave when a large, hairy arm shot out from one of the stalls and yanked me inside. WTF ! Of course, I started to struggle at first but soon realized it was The Bear. He quickly covered my mouth with his and dropped his pants with one hand. Without one word being exchanged, he pulled up my shirt and started biting my nipples and well…I started getting turned on a little. Then one of his hands shot down the back of my shorts and started to probe at my butthole. I started to struggle again because I knew I had to get out of there or I was going to get fucked over the toilet in this pee-soaked stall. Mind you, I'm no angel, but I  don't do that sort of thing anymore. Somehow I got his wondering hand out of my pants and backed out of that stall, quick.

I had a big ol’ smile on my face when I left the bar though.  His kisses and clumsy fumbling had woken something up in me that’s been asleep way too long. Part of me wished I was the type of boy who had sex in bathroom stalls with anonymous strangers.

Ya'll be good and beware of people staring at your ass for long periods of time. They just might be planning to tap-dat-booty if given half a chance.

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