Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bird Nerd

Yesterday at work I noticed a large, well-built geeky guy standing in the line to the cash register playing Angry Birds on his I-Phone. Then I glanced down and noticed that he had a can of mace of dangling from his belt-hoop.

Now I don’t know how familiar you are with Western North Carolina. But it’s not exactly a place a guy needs to worry about his personal safety and certainly not if you’re 6’4” and weigh 195. 

Now, I’ve been in some scary-ass areas in DC, NYC and Los Angeles and even I (skinny, little fairy that I am) didn’t carry mace or pepper spray (Though I probably should have in DC because some guys jumped out from behind a dumpster and attempted to mug me this one time. Luckily there was a sex shop right there and I was able to quickly back peddle into it and call a cab to come retrieve me instead of chancing the walk to the metro station again).

But, back to the geeky guy again…

Perhaps he had a dangerous job?


  • He works in prison?
  • He’s a mailman and carries mace to squirt Rottweilers and Pittbulls?
  • He’s a repo man?
  • He’s a drug dealer?
  • He’s a pimp?
  • He’s one of those guys that refills ATM’s with cash.

No, I think he was just a major dork.

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