Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Profile Pics Gone Bad

These are actual profile pics I found on gay hook-up sites.

Yes, really...

I call this gentleman "Super Nipples". Wonder who he was trying to attract ?

 Yeah, we know you're a fun guy and you were just trying to show that in this photo...

But come on, really ? 
Very few people can pull off a "floating" head pic.

Novelty beards rarely get you laid, my friend !

John Wayne Gacy And Ling Ling Search Craigslist For Their Next Victim


Speaking of victims...
This man should post his profile and pics over on GaySerialKillers.com

Extra Spooky !

Just because you thought it would be cute to draw a happy face on the head of your dick, don't share it on the internet. We are not amused.

Doesn't this gentleman know that yellow shoes only work at Easter ?

Somebody just had to try out the Borat bathing suit, didn't they ? No one could wear this and not look like a total fool, buddy.

I think somebody snapped this pic while this man was on the john. Was this expression supposed to be hot ? He looks like he's having a really painful bowel movement.

Yes, we've always wondered what it would be like if:

 we were laying on the floor 
and you walked by with no underwear on
 and stopped to have a chat
right above us
and we look straight up your pant's leg
and saw the head of your dick...

Our life in now complete. Thank you for that.

The sudden, loud snapping of the camera shutter scared Derek into farting at the exact moment this photo was taken.

"Omg ! There's a ghost over there !"

Hehehe. You're so fuckin' witty !

Okay, Okay, the screen name: Nip Chimp should have given us a clue... Just don't throw do-do at us, okay.

Apparently, Santa's gay brother likes to ride his bike at Venice Beach. Love the festive handlebars, Miss Thang.

Ya'll be good. Hope you all had a fun Halloween. I ended up having to work but didn't mind too bad because I had a boatload of chocolate waiting for me at home since I wasn't there to give it out to the kiddies.

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Ellis Carrington said...

*snork!* There's somebody for everyone...even "Super Nipples."