Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things That Made Me Go Hmmmmmm (this week)

This guy IMed me and asked me over to take a "dip" in his above-ground pool. I mean, come on... why in the world would this guy think I'd ever be interested in him ? FYI, I'm not a snob (much), I was born poor white trash (as I'm so fond of telling people)

I spent the first 12 years of my life in a mobile home

 that sat in the middle of a cow pasture

  until a tornado hit it one night

and I was thrown through a plate grass window

and my parents drove me to the emergency room in our '72 Pinto 

because we didn't even have a telephone so we could call 911.

Can you get more white trash than that ?

If you're looking at the picture and thinking "I don't see anything wrong with this guy..."

All I can say is, you must be a straight guy. 

There's nothing wrong with this man's looks, 

he has a pleasant enough face and he seems to have a nice tan.


The pants ! When will people stop wearing pajama bottoms out in public as pants ?

OMG ! 



Those CRAPTASTIC sandals !

I had a pair just like those in 1994.

Do they even still make those ?

And for God's sake, 

if you must wear those sandals

 at least fasten them correctly and don't go around with the flaps hanging out! 

Damn !

When will gay guys stop thinking they'll be that one man that actually looks good in the Borat bathing suit ?

Instead of being turned on when I see a sexy (?) picture of a guy so painfully thin, I feel sorry for him and it brings out the "mothering instinct" in me


 I just want to feed him

 and feed him

 and feed him some more.

Fatten his scrawny ass up !

He does have rather nice legs though.

Ya'll be good. I luv ya.


jamiessmiles said...

As a black version of the painfully thin scrawy guy, okay, maybe not quite THAT thin, ouch. LOL, funny post:)

Immanuel said...

As usual, your blog brings a smile to my face on a Friday morning LOL.

Glad you are back.

And yeah, the photos people send when they want to hook up send a lot of messages about them whether they want to admit it or not.