Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Muscle Worship

I’m a middle-aged gay man. I like to think that in my time I’ve come across pretty much every fetish that men in this highly-varied community of ours could possibly engage in.

Except muscle worship.

I just don’t get it. I’m seeing it listed more and more in personal ads and it always starts me to wondering just what would happen if I’d agree to hook-up with some guy like GymStud77.

Would he meet me at the door in a posing strap ?

Would he want me to call him Arnold, He-Man, Hercules or perhaps ask me to reenact an old Hans & Franz skit with him ? 

Would he immediately start flexing and making one of those God-awful (having a bowel movement) faces that bodybuilders make when they show off ?

Would he crack walnuts with his biceps to impress me ?

Would he want me to feel his muscles and giggle coquettishly ?

Would he ask me to shave his chest or rub self-tanning creme on his muscles  ?

Would he ask me to say things like, “I sure do feel skinny and puny standing next to a muscle god like  you !” whilst he pleasures himself ?

Would he ask me to “spot” him in the nude ?

Would he want to get in the floor and wrestle for topping status ?

Would he want to exchange exercise tips and bitch about not being able to find shirts with a large enough neck ?

When and if we actually do the deed, would he insist on doing it in front of a mirror ?

Somebody explain.

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Anonymous said...

Not my cup of joe either!