Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a romantic.

The other day I caught myself fantasizing after a practically tall, goodlooking guy gave me a this heart-melting, sexy smile. But what got me was this: my fantasizing was completely non-sexual. What kind of gay does that make me ?

*I fantasized about the guy kissing me.

*I fantasized about the guy hugging me.

*I fantasized about the guy holding me in his arms and telling me he loved me.

In that moment, I felt loved and completely at peace with the world. A warm glow filled my being and I was lost to it. The fantasy shown so brilliantly in my mind that I must have looked pretty damn stupid standing there staring after the guy with my mouth hanging open and the glint of tears shining in my eyes. But I didn't give a shit, these moments are too few...What do you know, I’m a fuckin' romantic.


SteveA said...

I think you've answered your own question!

BosGuy said...

Be thankful for small favors and block his profile so you don't have to re-live that date again. Oy - I'd rather remain single.