Monday, October 4, 2010

Gay-O-Ween !

Yesterday at work, I saw a book for parents called something like: How To Take The Scare Out of Halloween For Your Children . WTF ! Halloween is supposed to be spooky and scary ! So, I thought I'd post some cool retro Halloween images along with my usual snarky comments to cheer myself up.

First up...

Really old Archie comic book cover. Notice the large buckteeth Archie had back then.

What's Halloween without every gay man's favorite witch ?

Run, Forrest, Run !

...and hepatitis

I had this book when I was a little boy. I must have read it every day for a year straight. The author is the same man that does Clifford (the big red dog) now.


I love old Disney cartoons.

This witch looks like she's getting ready to choke her black cat for shitting on her new Laura Ashley comforter.

This is an early Betty Grable publicity still.

Yes, my friends...this is an early color photo of Joan Crawford (circa 1929).

Did you know that back in the day drinking Pepsi was considered "slimming" ? Right.
Check out the lady's waist line.

Now that's a sexy witch !

Didn't you know it was bad parenting to feed 'srooms to your kids
just before bedtime ?

Now onto the masks...

I wouldn't mind a Dagwood right about now, I'm hungry as hell !

Do not let your little boy go out of the house in this mask ! Talk about turning your kid into a
big-ol-pussy !

My brother had this one.

I'm glad paper masks were before my time. Stop laughing ! They were...I swear it...I'm only....40....I mean...34...No, I JUST turned 28 !

Kinda spooky, huh ?

Now, how in the world would you even hope that your child would grow up to be normal if you sent him out on Halloween night dressed as the Planter's Peanut ? He truly would be a goober...get it, goober. I kill me.

A 1950's cut-out mask: "Weeny Witch" (circa 1955). I know quite a few gay guys that could easily qualify as "Weeny Witches" and they wouldn't even need this mask.

This is the mask I'm going to wear this year. I'm going as  ________?
A Swedish man ? Brad Pitt ? That guy on True Blood...wait...he's Swedish, right ?

Or, you could be Shirley from Laverne & Shirley...

 Bye for now. Let me know what you guys have planned for Halloween.


RAD said...

AWESOME post!! Love all this stuff!! Brings back memories!!!

Anonymous said...

aweseomenss and i have no clue maybe ill do drag lol Love<~Peter~>

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Peter, if you do drag, I want pictures to post here. Okay.

Geoff said...

Love this post! As a child of the 70s I actually had a couple of those costumes!