Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Got in from work about an hour ago and suddenly felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders because Christmas was almost over. Wait, before you get your drawers in a knot thinking I'm some sort of Grinch, let me explain something to you:

I work in retail. Ask any of your friends in retail about Christmas and watch the eyes start to roll and the groaning start. Christmas means more work, more aggravation and more messes. We're there to help you guy enjoy the holidays and spend your money but we rarely get to do it ourselves. And no, customers are not filled with the Christmas spirit and overflowing with goodness & kindness (there are exceptions to every rule). People are in a hurry, freaking out about buying the perfect gift and just plain old pissed off about things in general. They tear the stores from steam to stern looking for their treasures and then bitch at you because your store is "messy" and they just can't find a thing in all the clutter. They huff and puff if they have to wait more than five minutes in a line at the cash register and ball you out when you wish them a Merry Christmas (they just happen to be Jewish). So, yes, I'm thrilled it's over. I can relax now. I can start looking forward to tax season and spending my refund.

Just finished making my famous corn dish to take over to mother's in the morning for the annual Christmas torture. Sad, huh ? A single, available gay man making a corn casserole on Xmas eve. I should be out partying or making love to some hunky stud, but no, here I am with corn. I'm picking Miranda up (my brainy 19 year old niece) on the way over so she can endure the pain of it all too. Well, misery does love company, ya know ? And plus, I need someone to roll my eyes at when my hillbillies relatives start asking me when I'm getting married. Miranda tells me to look them in the eye and say, I'm getting married just as soon as they make it legal in California again. That might work, but then they'd want me to produce the man.

All and all, I'm pretty okay with my general state of being this Christmas. Yes, I'd like to have a man with me to share it all, but well... I could have had that several times this past year and I turned it down. Guess, I'm learning to be okay as a single man. I know for sure that I'd rather be lonely and alone than locked up in relationship with the wrong guy, there's nothing more miserable in the world.

I just wanted to wish all you guys out there in the blogsphere a very Merry Christmas, opps, I meant Happy Holidays, damn it. I'll never get the hang of this pc stuff. And to you other single guys, a big special hug goes out to you.

Hang on, baby. This is our year, 2009.

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StevieB said...

Preaching to the choir. Amen!