Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fetishes 2

Foot Worship 

(Being turned on by and getting sexual with another person’s foot)
What’s up with all these European men that are into feet ?
I've seen more hook-up ads with European men holding their cock in one hand and a brightly-colored trainer in the other. I mean, I LOVE shoes (they don't call me the male Imelda Marcos for nothing) but they don't give me wood. How do you find out that you like feet in the first place ? So you’re at Footlocker and spy a saucy, new pair of Vans and then suddenly...
   BOINK !
major hard-on !
Or are you making love to someone and suddenly feel the need to “get-it” between the toes ? Hmmm? That was it, right ? I’ll be the first person to tell you that rubbing my feet with have me purring like a kitten in no time and I have let a few freaky guys lick my feet but to be honest it just made me giggle like a little girl, totally didn’t turn me on sexually.
Let’s face it, most men have gross feet. Why anyone would want to get freaky with feet that look like they belong on Sasquatch is beyond me. I do get men wanting to do the nasty with a sexy woman’s foot in high heels, but men feet...naw.

Water sports
(peeing on people, getting pissed on and drinking urine)

Awww, water sports. After fisting, water sports was one of the most common things guys wanted to try with me (Hey, what can I say, I must looking like I do freaky stuff in the bedroom...). I always politely tell them that I have a sensitive stomach and the smell of the urine would probably make me throw up (which is very true-ish). I can get that being peed on might feel good because it’s a warm liquid cascading down your body but as far as drinking the pee...yikes...hell fuckin’ no.

I have a buddy that’s really into water sports and he tells me that you really have to be mentally psyched up to do it or you’ll start thing about what pee really is (waste matter) and it’ll make you sick to your stomach. Can’t you get Hep B or C from pee really easy or is that from poo poo ? Sounds like I need to take a trip over to www.mayoclinic.com and read up on the Hep.                                              

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