Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thoughts From Middle-Age

So here I am, botox-free, firmly intrenched in middle age

...and I'm in one of those rare 'taking stock' moods so–

I'm gonna screw up my courage and make a partial list of the little pearls of wisdom I’ve learned so far:

*Learn to trust your instincts when it comes to people, romantic relationships and making most life-changing decisions. If you initially get an inkling... a whiff that something’s rotten in Denmark, it probably is.

*Everyone won’t like you–blah,blah,blah and vice versa. Some people will meet you and take an instant dislike for no apparent reason. Not to say that you shouldn't be at least a little concerned but don’t spend too much time agonizing and analyzing over the situation, just move on.

*Domestic violence is never okay. Make it well known to your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend that if they ever raise a hand to you in anger, there are no second chances. You’re out the door, gone...bye-bye.

*Don’t get involved with workplace gossip and bitchery. Keep your nose clean and do your job correctly. Don’t lay out of work. Learn to roll with the flow and don’t freak out when change is introduced into the workplace. Try to get along with the boss. Be polite. If these things are hard to do or become impossible to do, get another job.

*Remember your close friends and family member’s birthdays. Send those cards, balloons and flowers. If they say they don’t celebrate birthdays or that it doesn’t matter, they’re lying. It matters, big time.

*Good health is a gift so don’t smoke or do drugs (do I even have to say this?) How you treat your body when you’re young has a lot to do with how you’ll feel when you’re older. Oh yeah– don’t forget to watch your salt, red meat and dairy intake. Do eat plenty of fish and foods with fiber.
*Never get into your worldly processions too much. Don’t allow yourself to get to a point where you couldn’t fathom living without your stuff. Cars, jewelry, money... ‘things’ can easily be stripped away from you.

*Different people follow different paths to God/divinity. Just because their path isn’t the same as yours doesn’t make them any less holy.

*Middle-aged men; be on the watch out for nose & ear hair. If you don’t believe you have any, take a hand mirror outside on a sunny day and look at your nostrils and ears from different angles. See.

So, there you have it. You're welcome. Anytime.


Immanuel said...

Great comments. Ive been thinking of a similar post but you beat me to it lol. Immanuel at dlconfessio

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