Sunday, April 29, 2018

Heart Burning

 The sun shines on and off. One minute it's a bright spring day, the next it's moody and overcast. Make up your mind weather! Being as I'm in the foothills of western, North Carolina – the proximity to the mountains makes the weather ever-changing.

 My stomach is feeling much better today though I do still feel kind of rough. For some reason, I was cursed with heartburn all day yesterday. I do take a daily prescription acid-reducer but yesterday it didn't seem to work. Around 11 p.m. I decided to take another one. Bingo – worked almost immediately. 

I have a question I want to ask. Lately, I've been burning to write about my deceased brother, Eric. The thing is, the stuff I would write wouldn't exactly be that flattering. People would probably say that I'm trashing my poor, dead brother because I have an axe to grind.

My brother left behind one daughter, Miranda. I feel like she has no idea who my brother actually was because she was only 15 when he died. I really want to set the record straight for her by writing about my brother. She's a smart, intelligent young lady and I think she might welcome a chance to read about her father's past.

So, here are the questions:

Should people's past transgressions and sins be glossed over and forgotten when they pass away?

Should I leave my niece in a place where she can continue to view her father through rose-colored glasses?

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