Thursday, August 11, 2011

Write Right

Recently someone asked me if I’d gotten what I originally wanted from blogging and I really had to think about that question for while before I could come up with an answer.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I had an actual web page on Yahoo’s Geocities platform until they suddenly closed up shop (and didn’t even give me a chance to back up my data, I might add…bastards !). Bloggers, listen to me, Back your shit up ! Learn from my mistake.

I started this current Blogger blog in 2007 and I’ve certainly been guilty of different mindsets about it in the years since. I have to be honest and say that I’ve never been one of those lucky people that everything seems to just drop into their laps seemingly without much effort.

I wasn’t blessed with:

  • deep intelligence
  • a pretty face
  • a hot body
  • a big penis
  • financial wisdom
  • multitudes of useful talents

But, I am funny and a damn good storyteller.
(modest, ain't I ?)

Writing is hard and sometimes I shy away from it because I just don't have the mental energy to handle it. 

Not writing isn’t an option. 

Even when I’m not actually writing, I’m writing things out in my head or planning my next blog entry.

Honestly, when I first blogging, I had this idea that I’d be “discovered” and become a media darling or at the very least, be asked to write a column for a magazine. Like most people with the writing bug, I dreamt of the day I’ll be able to live off my writing. But really, isn't that what we all want, to be paid a living wage to do something that we absolutely love ? Heaven, indeed !

Being discovered or offered a writing gig isn’t really my objective anymore (though it would be very nice). I have to have somewhere to release all the crazy thoughts that bounce around my mind on a daily basis.  You know, put things out there in the ether and sort of let the chips fall where they may...  I remember how in the beginning I used to get so upset when I’d pour my heart out in a long post and not even receive one tiny little comment from a reader. Don’t get me wrong, I still love getting comments from readers (as a good blog should be interactive), but nowadays I think of my blog more as a catharsis than anything else. Plus, I understand that people can’t comment on a post if they can’t really relate or contribute anything to the topic being discussed. 

Truly, blogging has saved my life. 
Well, that and some strong-ass antidepressants...

Also when I first started blogging, I though readers would instantly love everything I wrote and I’d make tons of friends. I saw my blog as having at least 1500 followers (a fate that I've found out that is quite impossible unless your blog features bareback twink porn). I had my sights set on being Super-Blogger, sort of a redneck version of Perez Hilton (except I wasn’t going to talk about Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton, I was going to talk about tricks-gone-bad, asshole boyfriends and the best method for douching out your mangina).

I’m extremely grateful for all the followers I do have and the fellowship of all the other bloggers I've befriended. I’ve truly enjoyed exchanging comments with you guys over years.

And lastly, I wanted my blog to be my legacy for my niece 21 year old niece, Miranda. As some of you may know, my health isn’t that good at times and blogging gives me a chance to leave a record of just who I really was.

So, all and all, I'd say that I've gotten exactly what I wanted from blogging and with God's grace, I'll continue to do it for a long, long time.

Big hugs to all my followers and friends.


Mind Of Mine said...

HA! I could have written this post your thoughts, aims, hopes and goals for your blog mirror mine exactly.

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

I love your blog, Mind Of Mine !